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Making Personal Injuries Personal

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Workers Compensation

Missouri's Worker's Compensation Lawyers

No matter how long you’ve worked at your current company, if you get injured on the job, you’re eligible for worker’s compensation. While your HR department may seem concerned, the truth is only a licensed personal injury attorney will be able to get you the best possible settlement.

We mediate with your company on your behalf and, if needed, litigate to ensure you have what you need to move forward with your life. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation. We’ll help assess the recovery needs you have today and may need tomorrow.

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What Constitutes a Worker’s Comp Injury?

Notify your employer if you’ve suffered an injury on the job, so they can inform the company’s insurance provider. If you feel your employer’s insurance company is not handling your needs efficiently, be sure to contact us. We can assess your medical injury with the help of trusted local medical providers to see if you’ve sustained temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent and partial disability, or total and permanent disability. As an employee, you have a right to receive benefits unless you acted intentionally with disregard to company policy, were injured in an off-duty activity, or the injury resulted from horseplay or a physical altercation.

How We Can Help

No matter the details of your injury, we’ll take the time to explore and research your case and if taken on, aggressively defend your rights for compensation. We’ll help you assess your injury through a third-party medical provider, file all needed paperwork with the court on your behalf, offer expert legal options, and litigate in and out of the courtroom to get you the best possible compensation.

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