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Making Personal Injuries Personal

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Auto Crash

Missouri's Auto Crash Legal Service

Every year, nearly 2.5 million people suffer from injuries due to an auto crash or auto collision. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a car collision, feel free to contact the legal professionals at Avery Law LLC. We focus on auto and truck crash personal injury cases, and we can ensure you get the best possible compensation.

Even if you’ve already worked with an insurance company, don’t hesitate to find out if more compensation may be owed to you. We’ll take the time to answer all of your questions and, if we take on your case, aggressively defend your rights. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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What to Do After an Auto Crash?

After a significant truck crash personal injury, your number-one priority is to heal, so leave the legal fighting to us. We’ll be happy to meet with you and, if we take on your case, vigorously fight on your behalf. From the extensive discovery of the facts to timely court filings and representation in and outside of the courtroom, we’ll ensure you get the best possible compensation and restore your peace of mind. Contact us now for more information.

After an auto crash, be sure to:

  • Stay on the scene until the police arrive. It is a serious crime to leave a crash after an injury has taken place.
  • Check on all passengers’ and drivers’ conditions before calling 911.
  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver.
  • Talk to any witnesses, and politely request their contact information so police can question them about the collision later.
  • Look around and take pictures of the location, crash, and damage done to your vehicle.
  • Call your insurance company and file a claim to begin compensation
Before you call the insurance company, even your own, contact Avery Injury Law. Jim will talk with you and ensure you do not say something seemingly harmless that the insurance company will try to twist to use against you!

Compassionate Legal Representation

While you may think the driver at fault’s insurance company will put your needs first, the sad truth is they are more interested in paying the smallest amount possible to compensate you. Often these insurance companies will demand a tape-recorded statement from you, but without an experienced personal injury attorney by your side, you may be taken advantage of. An insurance adjuster may also demand a release of your medical records even if those records are unrelated to the crash. Don’t let this happen without first meeting our team of expert legal professionals. We’ll ensure the insurance company treats you fairly and complies with your compensation rights. Connect with us today to get the personal injury advocacy you need to recover quickly.

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